Rachio Smart Hose Google Home integration -- when?

Are there any plans to integrate the Rachio Smart Hose Timer with Google Home?

I bought one recently because I was under the impression that Rachio smart products could integrate with google home, but after struggling to add it to the Google Home app and dealing with uninformative error codes I’ve come to realize that the Smart Hose valve will not work with google home. I got it for my mom so should could just say “hey google, turn the hose on” to activate the valve on the side of her house without having to walk around to it (we run a hose up to her balcony). I have the Rachio app but was hoping to simplify the process for her with the use of voice commands through google home (she has a nest hub, which takes voice commands).

@jeffmankap take a look here: API support for Smart Hose timer? - #53 by chris

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Thanks @chris! Looking forward to the API support and Google Home integration – so far the smart valve has otherwise been the perfect setup for my mom

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Awesome to hear! We’ll get the API up and going here soon.

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Also looking forward to the API main purpose for this for my use case was to turn on a hose that’s a hassle to walk to (down stairs and a muddy area). Just the ability to turn on for quick use would be amazing with automation so I can program a button and ifttt to work for it (purpose is for an elderly person who an app will be difficult to navigate)