Rachio skips schedule for 1 zone, but Zone works manually

Fairly new to Rachio and loving it, but do have one remaining problem.

I have one zone that is for hanging flowers under our front porch. At first it was working fine, but suddenly the schedule started to not run at all. Yet when I manually select the zone, it works fine.

Here’s the setup:
Duration: 5 m
Zones: 1
Schedule Type: Fixed Days
Will Water: Su, M,T, W, Th, F, Sa
Start Time: 7:00 AM
Start Date: Nov 29
End Date: Never
Smart Cycle: Off
Water Intelligence:
Seasonal Shift: On (clearly need less water in cool temperatures)
Climate Skip: Off
Rain Skip: Off
Freeze Skip: Off

I’ve also tried it with the Seasonal Shift off but it still doesn’t run automatically.

Any suggestions?

Hi @ray6543-
I checked out your scheduling, and the only thing off the top of my head is it does have your Back Flowers running first (7:00am-7:05am) and then your Front flowers should start after those. Is that not the case? The schedule just never runs at all?
McKynzee :rachio:

Correct, the front flowers never runs, even though the back flowers are NOT running because they are affected by weather, in this case prior rain.

Basically, I have all zones set to start at 7:00 AM, even though only one can run at at time. Is this a problem?

When I first set up the schedules, they all ran perfectly in sequence. Zone1, Zone 2, Zone 3 (all lawn zones) running first, followed by back Shrubs, then back Flowers, then Front Flowers.


@ray6543 No you are exactly right, you can set the same start time and they should just run in sequence. Let me do some further research and get back to you! Can you give me an estimate on how long this has been going on?

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About a week or a little more.


PS: Thanks for the help.


Hey @ray6543!
So we have encountered a bit of a mystery here on our end… I would like to delete and re-add the Front Flowers schedule and see if that helps. Do you mind if I go ahead and do that?
McKynzee :rachio:

Okay, I deleted and re-added the Front Flowers zone from my app. Will let you know one way or the other tomorrow AM if it works.

@ray6543 Perfect thanks so much, cross your fingers we are in business in the morning!

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Yea! It’s now working.

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Awesome! Let me know if you run into any more issues.

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Well here we go again! After deleting and re-adding the Front Flowers schedule, it worked automatically for only one day and has not run again since Wednesday. When it didn’t run this morning at 7AM, I changed the schedule to 7:10AM, but it didn’t run then either. (Was testing to see if having everything set at 7:00 AM was causing the problem).

I’m going to change it to 6:50AM and see if it runs tomorrow.

@ray6543 Just when we thought we had it- I’ll check tomorrow morning and look more into your device logs. Sorry we didn’t get this resolved for you the first time around!


I think there might be a simple answer to what is happening.

When we set a rain delay for any schedule it sets it globally for the controller for the start time of the schedule plus around 5 minutes, unfortunately. I believe your second schedule is getting caught up in the first schedule’s rain delay events.

I also looked and couldn’t find where the second schedule was set to 7:10am.

So, I bet if you start Front Flowers at 7:15am this issue will go away. I’d be glad to help @mckynzee review your account if after starting the Front Flowers schedule @ 7:15am you are still experiencing this issue.

For our next version of software, we will not have this limitation.

Thanks for your patience and have a great day!


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