Rachio skipping some days for no valid reason


I am experiencing an issue where the rachio is skipping some days with notice is schedule update “Based on weather and soil conditions, the next watering time for will be skipped”. I noticed this for the past few weeks and this happens for all of my zones. It skipped the past few days while it has been in the high 80’s and super dry. I am in the rural San Diego area.

I am having some areas of crispy grass and dying spots which is why I checked. It has been pretty much set and forget for the last 6 months then this just popped up.



Are you using a PWS or the local airport?

Hey @fariasohana-

This is our Climate Skip feature. Like @sunny hinted, this could be due to your weather station not reporting correctly or your zone settings being off. You can always disable the feature with you like, or we could review your weather station and/or zone settings to begin troubleshooting it!

McKynzee :rachio:


I am using a weather local weather station. This is the same weather station that my neighbor uses and he is not observing any skips. I thought it started working again but checked again this morning and it skipped watering this morning again. I am trying to water every day for 5 minutes but it is still skipping some days.

I included an image that shows it has watered yesterday and will water tomorrow but skipped today.

I have included here the notice where it now states that zone 4 was not skipped today even though the above picture shows that it was watered yesterday and will be watered tomorrow but not today. Also have another screen shot that shows the schedule for the water days.

The weather station I am using is knkx that is 5.9 miles away.

Hey @fariasohana-

This is occurring because your schedules all have the same start time, and are getting “caught” in other schedules weather intelligence skips. If you could adjust your start times so they are an hour apart, this should not continue happening.

Hi Mckynzee,

Thanks for looking into this. I thought that may be an issue as well but on days that it waters correctly it is smart enough to move the start times. If you look at these screen grabs, yesterday it started the first zone at 5am then sequentially moved on from there. The last zone didn’t start till around 6am. I’ll give it a try and hope it helps.

I am having same issue it has skipped 3 days in a row when there is no rain and 90 degrees

Hey @fariasohana-

This actually is only an issue when a skip occurs, it gets a little tricky! Basically, when you create a fixed or flex monthly schedule, the weather checks all occur an hour before the schedule run time. If on schedule gets skipped, it will inadvertently prevent the other schedules scheduled at the same time from being sent to your controller, regardless of if they are going to skip or not. Hopefully you are not running into this issue any longer after changing the start times to an hour apart.

@mkbattina, are you receiving updates saying your schedule is not going to run? Do you have multiple schedules with the same start time?