Rachio showing precipitation that didn't occur

This morning I noticed that a number of my zones are at 110% saturation. That’s way higher than most of them were yesterday. I checked the moisture graphs and it looks like just over 1 inch of precipitation was recorded. There was no rain overnight (confirmed by looking at some local stations on weather underground). There’s a high chance of rain this afternoon (.56 in expected), but right now I’m seeing blue skies outside.

I have a Rachio 3 and I’m using WI Plus. I’m wondering what’s happening here. Is it a bug in the data? Or is something else going on? I’m wondering if it’s showing the expected precipitation for today. If that’s the case, it seems like it shouldn’t actually adjust the displayed soil moisture until it’s actually rained.

Yes, today’s data is a forecast.


Thanks. That makes sense. But should the zone then show that it’s at 110% moisture level?

Showing forecasted numbers in the detail view makes perfect sense, but it seems like it shouldn’t actually show the forecasted moisture % in the zone view until it’s actually rained.

@franz Can you confirm if this is the expected behavior? Thanks!

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Yes, 110% is correct. It is higher than 100% because you are predicted to get more rain than the soil can hold. And since the soil can’t hold it all and you will get runoff, Rachio assumes that the highest you will get to is 110%.

Just remember that today is always a prediction and not an actual (although it will sometimes mix in a little actual after you have watered). One of the reasons for this is that Rachio doesn’t want to be wasting water on your vegetation if you are going to be getting rain instead.

The previous days will be actuals.

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