Rachio says it is watering, but sprinklers not working

Hello all. Looking for some wisdom here. My Rachio 3, 8 zones, has been working flawlessly for almost exactly a year. Last Friday, my system worked fine, but this past Monday I tried to do a quick run on the app and…nothing. Rachio app and controller indicated that sprinklers should be active; however, the sprinklers were not active. I contacted Rachio customer service, and was asked to check voltages on the controller. I checked all zones and voltages came in at around 29 for all. The customer service rep was adamant that it was the controller. I never touch the thing and it seemed to be working fine, but again, the rep said that because of the voltages, it was the controller. Ok, cool. A new Rachio 3 was sent to me. I received it and installed it today. Transferred all my settings and then, for the big moment…tried a zone and…bummer…system STILL not working, even though the app and the controller say it should be. So, my old controller was obviously not faulty, unless I have the luck of a lottery winner and got another broken one out of the box. I doubt that. So here, I am. Any ideas?

I will add that it has been drizzling quite a lot here lately, like this non stop fog, mixed with rain for days, so the ground has been super soaked. I have an old rain sensor that is not attached to anything on my yard, but that has been there for the whole last year during other rains and no issues. I tried to run the sprinklers both from the app and from the controller itself with no luck. It is night here now, but I guess my next step is to go outside, weather permitting and try to run the zones directly and see if they activate. Again, voltages seem fine.

Any other suggestions or ideas? Thanks for your consideration and help.

I was going to suggest checking the rain sensor, but you said it was not connected. Plus, I do not think that it would say it was running, but rather skipped or something similar.

Are you on pressurized irrigation and maybe it got shut off for the winter? Or are you on culinary water and some valve got accidentally turned off?

Do you have as master valve? Maybe it stuck closed?

Any filters in the system that could need cleaning?

I presume at this time, none of the zones are working? Any work been done near any of the wires?

I would check, as you were talking about, manually turning on a valve, listen for water going through it and seeing if the sprinklers are working. That can tell you quite a bit and may help us tell you the next step.

Hello Thomas. Sorry for the late reply. I tried messing around in the yard, but honestly I have no clue what I am looking at since I am a newbie in these things. I went ahead and called a professional company, so I will report back on whatever it was that was causing the issue. Thank you for your kindness in providing a response and some solutions. Hopefully, after this I am able to gain more experience for the future.

Sounds great. You probably will learn quite a bit by watching over their shoulder and asking questions. Please do let us know and ask more questions

Hello again. It was the master valve. After replacing it, all the system worked again.

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Glad it got figured out and fixed!