Rachio Runs same sprinklers over and over

Just installed a Rachio Gen 2. When I cycle through each zone it just runs the same 5 sprinklers regardless of what zone I am on. I do have a master valve and it is connected.

@Broncho52 - post pictures of before (if they’re available) and after and someone will review the wiring.

In the mean time is the valve for those five sprinklers stuck open or manually opened?

@Broncho52 - I think the common wire is missing for all the valves as I don’t see one in a C port on the Rachio. A common wire is needed for a complete circuit through the solenoid.

I’m betting the five sprinkler that run are on a valve that is stuck open. Not sure how the master valve is working as it will need a common too (normally the same as the zone common).

Personally, I think that there is no master valve. the black wire is probably common.

@Broncho52, can you take a picture of your valves in case you do not have a before picture (how ever your old controller was setup). I would also try the black wire in one of the C terminals, it can’t hurt to try, even if it belongs to the Master Valve or pump relay.

Here is the original setup from a toro. That wite that looks black is the green wire in this shot.

@Broncho52 - as usual @Gene appears to be right.


Thanks for the picture. Please move the green wire to any of the Common terminals and enjoy your new Rachio :-). You can disable the master valve within the software, in case you’ve enabled it previously.


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Thanks guys! It worked. Knew I had to have something wired wrong.