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My name is Ben Blackmer, and I am one of the newer members here at Rachio. It’s great to meet you. Thank you for being a part of such an amazing community here.

Because we have such an incredible community, we would like to start featuring some of you on our website and other outlets. Your Water Stories are inspiring to us, and we want everyone to know about them.

To help me do that, if you are interested in being features, please fill out the following survey:


If we decide to feature you, I will reach out to you personally.

Thank you so much in advance!

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@benblackmer, how the survey results coming along so far? Hope you’re getting some good responses! How long will you be accepting submissions?

@emil, thanks for asking. I’ve received a few so far but could definitely use some more. I’d love to showcase our awesome community members.

@benblackmer, moving this topic to the general category. Is there a cutoff for accepting submissions?

@emil, yes, the deadline is 7/11. Thanks for asking.

Ooo, can’t forget that day! Free Slurpee Day :wink:

Hi Ben, I have a 2 acre property in Joshua Tree CA and have been looking for a fully wireless irrigation system for several years now. I am impressed with what I see from your product, but I don’t know what your product is. Does it replace the irrigation timers? Does it replace the need for wires from the timer to the valves? Does it give input for each valve so you can tell when a valve is not functioning correctly? Locked on or not coming on? If your devise replaces the timer only, how many valves can it control? How does it talk to the valves? I guess in short, where can I find out about your product. Everything I see is about the app. Even a picture would be nice. I have great hopes you might be what I have been looking for. I am converting the Ranch to a key-less, fully remote controlled property and irrigation is my next major challenge.

Many thanks.

rush Rush@NRMservice: Cell 949.939.2570

Hi @rushnhill2,

Thanks for your question!

The best reference for these types of questions is our website, www.rachio.com, but I’ll try to answer them here as well.

Our controller replaces your timer. The wires are still required, but you just take the old box off, and then replace it with ours. You would plug the zone wires from the old box directly into our box.

We have an 8 zone model and a 16 zone model, so it depends on how many zones you need.

We cannot tell you when a valve is not functioning properly, although it’s a feature we’d like to have in the future.

The box talks to the valves through the wires you already have in your irrigation system.

Does that help? Happy to answer any other questions you might have.