Rachio Ran Zones for Longer Than Scheduled

I have a fixed schedule for my 6 zones as such :-

Zone 1 - 3 min
Zone 2 - 3 min
Zone 3 - 7 min
Zone 4 - 7 min
Zone 5 - 2 min
Zone 6 - 2 min

According to the history log zone 3 ran itself ran for 22 minutes !! Zone 4 for 4 mins. What happened here ? Have I set something up incorrectly ?

That is due to our smart cycle technology. It didn’t actually run for 22 minutes, it was allowing the zone to soak up water before running again. I’ve included a link to an article that explains that feature.

Hope this helps.


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ah ok, this makes sense now :slight_smile: I was wondering why the log showed one value and the actual zone itself had another time

Yea, the log shows total “run” time of the schedule with the included soak times. It definitely scares some people!

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So did you opt not to stick with Flex Daily for a reason? I thought we were making some good headway with getting you set up for success with FD!!!

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Yes that is the plan in a few days. I have been busy with work and travel so didnt want to deviate too much from the normal. Now with some time off I can really dig in to stuff and also in to my yard :slight_smile: The guy who the county sent also suggested going fully automatic with the rachio as he was impressed with it but gave me a schedule as a back up. I will be going FD by end of the week