Rachio Pro in my area

I have a Rachio 3 system that was working fine until one month ago. I’m looking for help in my area. I live in Pearland TX 77584 which is also close to Houston TX.
My issue is connecting to the controller. I purchased an extender but still no success.

Welcome @cwitson to the Community! Have you visited Rachio 3 WiFi Troubleshooting: Quadrant 2 Flashing Yellow or reviewed the Support links from the top of this Community page that have info and discussions about connection issues?

If your controller was “working fine” until one month ago, what might have happened in the interim - like adding that extender to your LAN? Are you the original owner of the Rachio 3 or did you inherit it - so it’s “who owns me and where am I?” settings might have changed? Are you trying to control the Rachio from a phone, iPad, …? Does your phone have a good wifi connection at the controller?

The more info you can provide might help us help you more.

I checked my system when I noticed the system was not watering my yard. The controller was off-line. I tried to get it on-line but it kept going off. I communicated with Rachio customer support and they said I had too many connections on my network. I took several connections off and then they said my router was too far from the controller and that I needed an extender. I purchased an extender and it still doesn’t work. I am the original owner and the system has been working for several years.

This is why I need someone that is familiar with the system to come and fix it.

Sounds like you might just have a wifi problem, but if you really want a pro, you’re pretty close to a SiteOne Irrigation store at:

4445 FM 2351
Friendswood, TX 77546
(281) 819-4522

They should be able to point you to a contractor who has Rachio experience. Good luck.

Ok, thanks

I’ll give them a call after I get a computer guy to make sure all is good with Al to the controller.


Ooops… …. Is good with the Wi-Fi to the controller.

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