Rachio Precipitation does not agree with weather stations

My Rachio 3 is setup for flex schedule watering. This morning it reported all of my zones are 110% soil moisture. I looked to see if the schedule ran since it was not reported to run. No irrigation ran last night.

The soil mositure details showed Rachio recording 0.85 inches of precipitation today. The weather station I selected has not reported any precip all week. I even checked other close by stations to find the same. It did not rain last night.

Weather Station: Personal Weather Station Dashboard | Weather Underground

Is there an issue with the Rachio? How do I fix it?

Today’s data is not the recorded precipitation but the forecasted precipitation. It didn’t run because its expecting it to rain today.

Thanks …if that is the case, then why does it not say Forecast instead of KILDUNLA5.

Also, I have been using this setup for about 6 weeks and I have noticed there has been rain in the forecast previously on the current day and Rachio has not recorded the forecasted rainfall as precipitation until it actually occured. Is there some kind of threshold for % chance of rain in forecast it using, if so what is the threshold and can it be configured? …and I know about the threshold setting for amount of precip in forecast, but I have that set really low to 0.125"

Thanks for the help

…also …I have never seen it actually increase the soil moisture level based on forecasted precipitation? Is it supposed to do that? That would not make sense at all to me.


AND (sorry for not including these in one single post) …the system did NOT mark any weather intelligence skip based on forecasted rain


As far as I understand weather skips don’t apply to Flex Daily. And that’s because Flex Daily doesn’t skip, it adjusts.

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Good question. I have no idea. Been this way since the get go.

Not that I know of.

Yes, it increases the soil moisture level based on the predicted amount.

Yes, Flex Daily does not do skips.

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I have seen that the system appears to update the chart every 12 hours, so it can set the forecase precipitation for the afternoonand at midnight will then readjust the figure to the actual amount of rainfall, and adjust all further values accordingly. So every 12 hours, and particularly at midday, it is adjusting for what has happened before, and what is forecast to come.

Thanks for clarifying. I understand now how it is implemented. :slight_smile: