Rachio open valves but don't close them


I set to open the valve for 10 minutes. It opens it, but after the schedule ends, it doesn’t close the valve.
Any ideas why it happened?



@allexp‌ This can sometimes be the result of a stuck valve. A really easy way to check is to unplug the Iro and see if the zone continues to run. If it does, you may have some gravel or dirt in your valve.


@chris. Thanks for answer but I have 3 zones and all of them behave the same. Also it works fine with old system. When I"m unplugging rachio valves closing.


@allexp‌ That’s definitely unexpected behavior. Would you mind emailing us a support@rach.io so that we can get you serial number and help you troubleshoot this?


Did you solve the problem? I experience the same.