Rachio now controlling prebuilt valve box

I finally used the two remaining zones on my Gen 2 controller. Loved the ease of testing the lines with my phone. I connected the controller & drip lines to a cute little Antelco eZyvalve 4 Zone valve box. Talk about convenient off the shelf solutions! I love the valve box so far. Time will tell if the valves are reliable. I don’t have the wires & I lack controller zones for the last two valves :thinking: So I suppose the last two valves will be spares for now.

This is intriguing to me. Any evaluation and/or comments on this mini box with valves???

I’ve had no problems with it yet and I am still only using two of the valves but it’s worth it. I love it. I regularly drip water with them around 40 minutes. Super easy expansion of my drip irrigation. I’ll be buying another of these next year for another part of my yard within reasonable wire reach of my Rachio. I got this from Drip Depot.

Here’s the latest photo of my setup. The Y, caps, pressure regulators, and braided hose were purchased separately from my local Ace Hardware. Wood chips are great for hiding tubes and wires :slight_smile:

Important to note that they are full pressure valves that likely need pressure reducers for a drip line, correct? I am thinking of hooking them into my normal sprinkler 3/4" pipe that does not have a pressure reducer. I like the size, have not compared the price of the normal drip valves that I get with the pressure reduction built in and filter (but I use a filter on the main irrigation line already).

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Yep. The box does not reduce pressure purposefully. Unless you have an appropriate pressure reducer that is fine under constant pressure before the hose input to the valve box, you need regulators on the outlet sides for drip. I use 20 PSI regulators for drip. That’s what I have in the photographs (white cylinders at two outlets). Those are only good under periodic pressure, not constant pressure as they’re spring operated.

It also should be connected to constantly supply water and probably not after a sprinkler valve. I have this connected to a hose bib that is always on. I’m not sure your situation is ideal unless the 3/4" sprinkler line is a main service line and is always at pressure.

Always on. Actually, I could hook it easily to a hose bib just as easily if I wanted to, but could almost as easily (and definitely cleaner in my situation) hard connect it. Obviously, the drip would not work without water, but why else should it always be at pressure (except winter)? I am curious why they make the box so waterproof too (is it just because it is small and would fill up pretty fast)?

Yeah I have seen pictures of this somehow hard connected to PVC. I never looked into that since I always wanted to use a hose bib. Beats me why they made the cover gasketted! It’s very clean inside and looks a marvel of maximizing use of interior space with valves and pipes.