Rachio Notification Refinement

It seems that Rachio’s notification system does some odd rounding and does not discriminate past a minute interval. As such, my zones are now reporting as having run for 0 minutes, and my seasonal adjustments report similarly strange numerals. It should not be too hard to convert to a messaging system that is capable of saying that your drip line has been adjusted to run from 1 minute to 55 seconds, rather than from 1 minute to 0 minutes. It’s quite confusing to see reports of zones running for 0 minutes since I don’t know if it really didn’t run, or if it just ran for less than a minute.

This suggestion is for both the iPhone app push notifications and email notifications.

Thanks for this, I’ll get it into our software backlog. I believe it is just an issue of how we are rounding this data.

If it looks like an easy fix will try to get it in sooner than later.


@NickT, just curious, did you start a manual run and stop it before a minute has elapsed?

And/or are you hoping to be able to control your watering times by the second?

No to both questions. What happened is that I have drip lines in some pots and if I run them for more than a minute, it flows all the way through the pot and out the vents. So I set it for a minute each day. As seasonal adjustments have been made, that minute has been reduced to seconds, but the notifications for anything less than a minute show up as “0 minutes.”

@NickT, thanks for added detail. This helps us to better understand your situation.

For the drip lines, I assume these are coming off of a main drip line via an emitter. Do you happen to know the emitter output in GPM or GPH? Does the drip line only supply water to these pots?

I have an entire drip circuit with several risers going to manifolds going to emitters, and in some cases, flow adjusters between manifold and emitter. So it would be pretty difficult to estimate the GPH of each emitter. I could maybe do it for the whole circuit.

@NickT, sounds like an awesome setup!

For others not familiar with drip systems, for the manifolds going to the emitters, are you using multi-outlet manifolds? For the flow adjustors, are they fixed pressure regulators or adjustable flow control valves?

Got an email today that says the following: “Z3 - Garden And Pots with base of 1 minutes has been adjusted to 0 minutes”

Regarding your question above. I use several multi-outlet manifolds. And for some drip lines I have further adjustment valves (e.g. for small pots where the water tends to run through even using a small emitter).