Rachio not watering when moisture depleted

I have several zones that are on flex watering schedules with an allowed depletion of 50%. As you can see rachio is allowing these zones to fully deplete to 0%. Help!

This was confusing to me first time that I saw it as well. The bottom line on this chart is actually your 50% mark. So the actual numbers are a percentage of a percentage — what you are seeing documented is how close you are getting to that 50% mark. And when it reaches 0% on this chart, you are at 50% depleted, and it needs to water — which in your case it did on 4/21. So all is good.



You rock. This was going to be my exact response. :wink:


Yup… one of the least understandable areas of the UI. I’d prefer the graph at a minimum had values on the axis to make it more obvious, such as the top being 100% and the bottom your configured value. The table beneath would also use real value and not a % of a %.

The most understandable would be the Y axis and table beneath using simple 0-100% (real values, not % of a %) and show the dots never going under the configured value you wish to stay over. Understandably it would vertically compress the line a bit, but I think these questions would disappear and anyone would understand what the chart and table are trying to show.

The way it is now has been causing confusion on the forum at least since I started using G2 early last year. I can’t imagine what people who don’t visit the forum think is happening. :joy:

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I agree. Only by taking in the context of the whole interface and advanced configuration can one realize what that chart means — took me a little while to understand that the bottom X axis is not actually zero moisture in the whole soil column but confusingly the maximum allowable soil moisture depletion or, better, the minimum soil moisture at which watering is triggered.

Originally I was expecting Iro to water half way on the Y axis with the MAD set to 50%.

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Where did the moisture graph/history go? I’m on a flex daily schedule and can’t find it anywhere on the web app or the iOS app.

Zones > Pick the zone that you want to see > Soil Moisture > ___ ------ ____ ----- ____

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