Rachio Not Watering As Scheduled

We’ve had our Rachio for about a month, but it will not water as scheduled. No matter what I do, it simply won’t follow the schedules I’ve set.

There are 2 schedules - 1 for the lawn zones, and 1 for the drip system/flower beds. Both are set to Flex Monthly (for some reason I’m not able to change it to either Fixes or Flex Daily).

The system will water correctly (start times and durations for each zone) but will only water some of the days. I have no clue what the problem is! Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Patrick W.

With a Flex schedule, it will water when needed based on your settings and the weather. When you select a day with a Flex schedule, you are telling Rachio it is okay to water on that day, IF Rachio determines watering is needed on that day.

If you want it to water on specific days, you will need a Fixed Schedule. You can’t change an existing Flex schedule to a Fixed schedule. You must delete the Flex Schedule and create a new Fixed schedule.

Okay, I appreciate the response. I live in Northwest Oregon, and it was 95+ degrees yesterday and it didn’t water. Makes no sense to me. I’ll delete the schedules and create new ones.


I have had similar issues with the Flex schedules and often see watering times 1/4 of what I have requested. I’ve now removed all the Flex schedules I had set up and am now using FIXED but allowing rain/freeze skips when required. Apparently this ‘smart’ controller is too smart for me, even after 4 seasons of use !