Rachio not importing the right pwsweather.com precipitation data

I’ve been using a nearby pws (http://www.pwsweather.com/obs/archive/yest/KNYSELDE1.html) to get weather data. Rachio seems to be using precipitation data that’s completely wrong. For example, last weekend I got lots of rain and the pws reported totals of 4.8 and 5.4 inches per 24hr period in the “high” the column. However for some reason rachio imported 0.08 and 0.12, respectively. Can anyone provide some insight into this? Thanks.

Check this out, I had same issue. You may want to email Rachio support to have them look at the PWS to see if it’s reporting from an accurate location.


I know Aeris (our weather provider) had an issue with precip on some pws stations last week. Everything should be functioning correctly now.

Looking at your station from yesterday it received .12inches of precip


…which we are receiving (search for precip --> totalIn)


If you see any other precip discrepancies just let us know.


Where do you find the information on what Rachio imported from a PWS?


If you are using flexible daily schedules detail data can be found in the moisture graphs.


Thanks for the input, Franz. Maybe the reporting was off last week like you said (we got a legitimate soaking on Saturday and the data said 0.08"). What I find confusing is how the stations put out minute by minute data, but it’s not adding up in a way that makes sense in the daily precipitation column (ie 0.01"/min for 5 min should be 0.05). What am I not understanding as to how these pws’s work?


Just focus on the summary total.

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