Rachio No Longer Works with Internet Explorer

I’m unable to get Rachio to work with Internet Explorer now.

I do get an error message that says “Hello! We’re working on an issue that makes using our web app with IE a bit slow and unresponsive. In the meantime we recommend Google Chrome.”

I can’t tell if this is an advertisement posted by GC or an actual error message posted by Rachio.

Please advise if this is indeed your error posting or GC’s.

Thank you and best regards,


OK. Thanks for the update. I see now that it’s about a week since Rachio has worked with IE.

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@a0128958 Our Webapp guru @Dan is currently working on a solution. We hope to have a solution soon. Thanks for your patience.


Hi all,
We just released a patch for IE (root cause was memory issues when trying to normalize click vs touch which affected IE more than other browsers). Let me know if this helps. As a side note, IE will still likely run the app more slowly than other browsers, but it should now be usable. Working on some big performance upgrade in upcoming releases :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience,
Dan :rachio:

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