Rachio New User Experience (Video Review)

I recently picked up a Rachio and love it! I was hopeful that it would live-up to the hype and was pleasantly surprised. Well done Rachio team!

If you are curious about what the real-world user experience is like with the Gen 2 controller check out this video that I created. It should give you a nice overview of the value proposition of this product.


Great review. I’ll have to check out your other videos

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Your production quality is stellar. Thanx for the great video. I really really hope you will allow the community to help you setup a flex daily schedule. A flex daily is the most under appreciated feature, yet the most impressive and has saved me lots of money in ancillary costs (fungicide, reel sharpenings, ferts, etc.

I would also like to highlight that square footage in the advanced zone settings directly drives the gallons used, thus indirectly drives the gallons saved…so it’s a touch above the pain glutton’s threshold. Obviously I don’t want you to reshoot a video to correct, but an often misunderstood parameter.


@HDGeekReview This is awesome! Having our new UX person starting tomorrow watch and take notes :wink:

Going to PM you some swag :sunny:

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Thanks so much for your kind words. I tried to get a lot of information in, in a short period of time. Was really focused on the high-level value prop.

The advanced mode can be a little hard-core for the average user and Rachio does a great job of making the interface approachable, so I focused on that.

I already have custom spray heads and adjusted the precipitation rate to match the actual water usage but I didn’t want to get into that for the sake of brevity.

As far as flex daily, what is the status of that? Is it back in? Or are we waiting for a new app release? Also, will it work for someone like me who has water restrictions and can only water 3 days a week?

Thanks for your help.


Thanks @franz. Glad you liked it. And thanks for the swag! :slight_smile:

yea, its back. currently at https://flex-app.rach.io/ beta testing just closed on the android/ios app.
yea, it will work for your type of restrictions as well.

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Thanks. Is it staying at this strange URL or will it make it into my normal desktop interface shortly?

shortly after.

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Sometime next week. See http://community.rachio.com/t/2-6-software-release-testing-bringing-flex-back/4139/22.

And my prediction is that you are really going to love flex. I really liked the review that you did. I’ll look forward to seeing your one on flex!

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Thanks @plainsane and @Linn.


Hi Mark,

Excellent review video! Would you mind if I posted it on a community board as I try to encourage fellow neighbors to switch to a smart irrigation controller?

Thanks. Feel free to link or embed it anywhere you like. :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,

Just wanted to let you know I posted a link to your video on my community discussion board where I advocated residents to upgrade to a smart controller after witnessing so much runoff in my neighborhood. Several people read the post and bought a new Rachio in the past few weeks and I helped a few get theirs set up. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is even better!


@wx16 That definitely deserves some swag, I’ll PM you!



That’s fantastic @wx16. Glad the video helped and Rachio fever is catching on! I know I love mine!


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I shared this video and a link to the home page and how I use mine on our neighborhood Facebook page (360 users) and some people have asked me to help them install theirs. They didn’t know such a thing existed. Some people didn’t even have a rain sensor!


@hawkman Very cool!

Awesome review. It is really funny there are no reviews of the WiFi controllers from Rain Bird, Hunter, and Toro. Rachio is far above them! I bleed Toro red, but not when it comes to controller. Rachio rocks.