Rachio-Nest integration broken

The Rachio-Nest integration is failing.

Using Chrome, and I’m seeing this in the console after I approve the integration:

POST https://cloud-rest.rach.io/integrations/nest 404 ()
console.js:32 LogRocket: Session quota exceeded. Please upgrade your plan. Disabling ...
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We’ll review your account information and let you know what’s going on

Dan :rachio:

Also seeing this… First noticed that nest report was blank for the past 2 months, checked integrations on both sides and they were there. Removed and re-tried the connection and got the same message, but nest now shows connected. ::frustrated::


Sorry you are feeling frustrated about this. We are narrowing it down and will try to get this resolved.

David :cheers:



Sorry for the delay, the Nest Report should now contain up to date information. This month may be a little off since it may be recording data from today for the month but next month should be on track.