Rachio Needs More Distributors

Why is Ewing Irrigation the only irrigation supply company that can sell Rachio? Such a bad decision. Exclusives with distributors are a relic in the irrigation industry.

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Hey @robertokc!

Thanks for the feedback! Just wanted to share that there are actually a number of irrigation supply companies that sell Rachio - some of the biggest include Ewing, SiteOne Landscape, and Central Irrigation Supply. There are also a number of regional irrigation supply companies that sell Rachio.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Our local independent Sprinkler World has them…haven’t gone into a Site One or others to check…

Horizon Irrigation should be another you pursue.


I have Site One, Ewing and Smith Pipe and Supply in my area. You can get them at Home Depot and Costco but they only have the Gen 2.

I prefer to get them from the Rachio Store. You cant go wrong there. :slight_smile:


Well I am glad to know Rachio is expanding its distribution. Sprinkler World is a strong supplier in Arizona, so much better than Ewing and SiteOne. SiteOne is very unfriendly to homeowners.

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We do a lot of work with Sprinkler World, bigger volumes on the ag size of their business. Great group of guys for sure!

Honestly, none of the wholesalers love homeowner sales, but some do it better than others, that’s for sure…

@tmcgahey, @robertokc Many of the supply houses are that way with homeowners since the contractor is the one that gives them the most business. On the other hand, they should be more courteous to the homeowner since they don’t give them wholesale prices and make more percentage per sale.

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I bought mine from Amazon. Installing is very easy for any moderately handy person. I replaced a Rachio V2 in less than ½ hour. No distributor required


Couldn’t agree more…but sadly that’s not the way it usually goes. The difference is, they aren’t really set up for returns. Homeowners use what they need and want to return the rest. Contractors will keep it for the next job…

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I also installed mine in 15 minutes but I have friends who can’t even connect two wires together. When a contractor comes to turn on/turn off service they usually recommend rainmachine or some other brand. The homeowner hasn’t done any research and just accepts the contractors recommendation. I am unsure if that is because they already have rain machine stock, commission is more or they simply don’t know of rachio that well but you guys should look into that.

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I use Site One or Amazon.

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Are you a contractor? SiteOne has a policy of selling only wholesale to contractors. They have an unwelcoming sign for homeowners. on their store here in Oklahoma City


I’m wondering if that is just a local issue with Site One. The locations that I go to in California only have a sign noting that “Contractors” will be taken care of first. “Homeowners will be taken care of after contractors are taken care of”.

It must vary depending on locale. Their Oklahoma City branches have a big sign that says wholesale only. They definitely enforce the rule here.