Rachio keeps skipping my schedule without "skipping"

New install. System keeps skipping my 1 and only schedule but it isn’t a weather or anything related smart skip. No zone is run at all

I check history and it states:
Weather intelligence update
[Schedule] was not skipped because the PLUS weather network observed: 0 in of predicted and 0 in observed precipitation. 13 mph winds 45 F temp

Schedule settings:
Fixed schedule
I have tried both before sunset and now end before 630a
End date is never
All Weather intelligence is turned on

Perhaps it is my rain sensor?
My sensor was attached with two wires so that’s how I wired it as well and then went in to accessories and changed terminal 1 and 2 to rain sensor and enabled

It’s not smart if I have to check and run it manually every day!
Help is much appreciated

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Will update with current wiring this evening but here is my previous setup pre-rachio

The new wiring should be helpful. Which Rachio gen do you have? Which rain sensor do you have? From what I am reading, I believe it just might be how the rain sensor is connected as it sounds like one wire of the sensor is connected to S1 and the other to S2 (which it should not be as the two terminals are for two sensors, not one). You might want to either try it with the rain sensor disconnected or look into the following page:

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@itony - the rain sensor should only be attached to one terminal and then a common/VAC - wire. Set the other terminal to no sensor as Rachio will think the sensor is open.

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That must be it!
I’m going to unplug the green s2 and plug in to vac -

3rd gen rachio
Not sure what sensor but the old system was hunter

The link I provided should tell you for sure, but I believe if it is a passive (does not require power, which I believe is more common) rain sensor, it will go into any of the ‘C’ terminals. If it needs power, than a power terminal depending on the power it needs. However, I recommend taking a look at that page to double check.

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@itony - the pictured sensor is a basic wired rain sensor (it may have a freeze component too). The adjustment allows for different amounts of rain to be received before it will signal not to water.

For Gen 3 the correct configuration is a Sensor port and VAC -


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Hi, New install also. Having same issue, the installer used both sensor terminals (S1 and S2} to hook up the one rain sensor (Hunter Sprinkler mini click rain sensor) because this sensor has two wires. I checked with the manufacturer of the rain sensor and he suggested to use only one sensor terminal (S1) and hook the second wire to terminal C that is located to the right of S1 terminal. The installer is coming back on Wednesday to do this. Does this sound like a good option? I need to solve this fairly quickly as I am going overseas for several weeks. Help will be appreciated!

A sensor should be hooked to EITHER S1 or S2, not both. The following should help: Rachio compatibility with Hunter Rain-Clik Wireless Rain Sensor. Oh wait, Mini-Click is two wires as you said. Look at Mini-Clik Installation Instructions | Hunter Industries, I see the wiring would be (Rachio) S1 and C as you said.

Thanks! Will definitely try that! :pray: