Rachio keeps setting a daily rain skip without rain

I live in southern nm. It rained .06 in 2 days ago. There is no rain forecast in the next 10 days, and temperatures over the next 10 days will be between 106 and 110 degrees. Each day - Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Rachio has set a rain skip. Justified on Monday, but not Tuesday, and definitely not Wednesday. And the notice it gives is that .06 rain is forecast in the next few days, when the forecast is no rain in the forseeable future.
I am manually starting the schedule each evening, but if I don’t do it, that area of my garden would die.
How do I get Rachio to start watering autmatically?

Do you have the system set to WI+, or do you have it pointed to a specific weather station?

it is pointed to my weather underground station that is reporting .06 rain 2 days ago, and no rain in the forecast

What does the main calendar banner show for weather? Can you post a screenshot?

Is this what you were asking for? Also, if it helps, my weather station is KNMLASCR43. It shows only 1 day of rain going back 10 days - Monday July 3, 0.06 in - and no rain going forward 10 days.

looking at the screen grab, it shows no skip today - that’s because i went to the schedule and manually turned off the skip. But, before I did that, today was going to be a rain skip because of .06 in rain