Rachio Issues - Network drops, no power to solenoid


Since I bought the Rachio it never kept a steady WiFi connection. The connection drops frequently and comes back up after a while. Sometime I have to reboot the device.

Lately, the Rachio does not power up the solenoids anymore. It says it is watering the zone but it does not open the solenoid. I have 5 Zones on an 8 zone controller and none of the 5 zones are working anymore.
Nothing has changed from the wiring nor did I changed any solenoids. The Rachio simple stopped powering up the solenoids.

I do not think it is an issue with the solenoids:

  • I have 5 solenoids and all failing at once seems a bit unlikely
  • I can open up the control screw on each solenoid and the zone starts to watering
  • I have isolated the system and ignored the Rachio and everything works fine

I do not think it is an issue with the wiring:

  • The Rachio close to each solenoid and the wire is less than 2 meter long
  • The wire is shielded and in a conduct
  • I did not touch the wire at all nor the connection to the Rachio
  • After troubleshooting I redone the wiring without success.

Considering the WiFi issue and that I can isolate the system and it is working without the Rachio, I assume it is the device itself.

Any help to troubleshoot this issue further would be appreciated.


I would contact support@rachio.com
Sounds like your controller could be tango uniform.

But do explain your wireless setup a little. Which router how far away, are you running the same sid across the 2.4 and 5 band?
Are you using band steering, etc?

@macfly - Thanks for including the steps you’ve performed already to test this out.

As @plainsane suggested, contact Rachio support as they have access to information that plainsane and I don’t like current out the zones (Gen2) and WiFi metrics.

I’m assuming the controller in question is a Gen 2 and not the Gen 1. Also, just to make sure, are the solenoids in the system 24 VAC solenoids? I’ve seen a different post where someone was trying to use Rachio to power 12 V DC latching solenoids and that combination doesn’t work. If there is doubt on the solenoid, posting the make and model should be enough of a clue for someone to opine on it.

Some other thoughts, is there a master valve in the setup that might not being triggered? Is there a rain sensor that is in-line on the common wire that could be open? Do you have an ohm meter that could be used to test the wiring?

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Thanks for your answers so far.

I am using an Asus RT-AC88U Dual Band Gigabit router which is around 15m away.
Rachio is connected via DHCP but assigned a fixed IP and on the 2.4 band (-70 dbm)
Signal strength is good with 5.5 TX and 2.5 RX
I cannot see anything in my logs that indicates a loss of wireless connection from my end.

Is there a log on the Rachio I can access?

Controller Version:
Gen 2

They are 24 VAC. Also, the entire system was up and running for a while without any issues.

Master Valve:
No master valve installed. Pretty simple setup with no sensor or master connection.

Ohm meter:
I have tested the wire itself which are working as intended. Again, they are shielded above ground in a conduct and only 2 meter long. Also no visual issue on the wire itself

What I also notice is that the Rachio just died and lost power. I already bought a new power adaptor but I also tested both and they actually produce what the Rachio is needing. So i can assume that the adaptor itself is also not the issue.

At this stage all is pointing to a faulty Rachio. I have contacted the support and wait for their answer.


@Macfly - I think you’ll find Rachio support top notch. I’ve seen instances of them replacing lighting toasted controllers. There is a two year warranty on the device, so there should be no issue on that. Based on the answers so far, I’d agree with your diagnosis. I only asked the questions that I did as those have been issues before for other community members.

Sorry your OOBE wasn’t flawless. Welcome to the community.

is the same sid on both bands? i have seen this cause so many transient issues with so many different types of devices that i separate them out to different sids. even my beloved ubiquiti antennas will eventually steer all my clients to the 2.4 band.

SID is different for each band.
Also, the Rachio is steered to use the 2.4 band.

I am in contact with the support now.

Thanks all.