Rachio is smart. Can it help make me smart too?

Another pie in the sky thought for your list of a million product suggestions :grin: It would be amazing if my Iro were able to send reminders or recommend lawn care maintenance ideas. General things like “check sprinkler heads in the spring”, “aerate in the fall”, “I should think about fertilizing”, “check the mower blades”, “It’s mid summer, is the lawn ok? maybe some zones need adjusting” etc…

As a controller Rachio is incredible but I don’t see why its usefulness has to end there.


These seem like fantastic ideas. I bet there is a way this could happen. Everyone can probably think of the way to do it. I like the way you think.

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There’s an app for that. :wink:

What app?

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It was a light-hearted response. However, using your favorite search engine, search for “lawn care app”, and you will find there are several for both iOS and Android.

Scotts has one, but of course, their recommendations include their products.

I can’t make any further recommendations, since I have never used any of them.

Great idea !

Partly it’s my laziness in not wanting to get another separate app. Another part involves the apps I found (in my two days of research) being very general and miss advice specific for me. Or very specific in the products they want to sell me but hazy on other advice. Aerating my clay soil is a good example. Sometimes that advice appears if the app is linked to a company that provides that service. That said if someone has a good app you use and recommend please let me know.

I think a proper maintenance plan will differ based on the geographic location, soil type, and plant type. Coincidentally everything I’ve put into my Iro already :slight_smile: I realize this isn’t the focus of the business, but think in the future it would be a natural fit for Iro to use personalized zone data to give lawn care and irrigation performance/maintenance suggestions.

Just my 2 cents: Rachio, please stick to what you do so well. Don’t try to be a be-all, end-all app collection. Do what you think is right to satisfy user requests, but don’t lose the meat of the application in ‘clutter’ that might just drive some of us to other solutions.

I hope that this isn’t taken the wrong way, but to me some of the requested ‘features’ would be distracting and about as welcome as paid advertising.

As I said, just my $0.02.


I appreciate what is being asked, but it could get a bit “messy and cluttered” for the Rachio team.

Most of the folks who post on this forum are “lawn rangers”. Their focus is maintaining a beautiful lawn. Me? I’m a gardener. Sure, I have a lawn, but it’s only for entertaining purposes. My focus is growing things we can eat. Think Master Gardner and permaculture.

To personalize recommendations such as when to water, fertilize or aerate when each of us has different soil types, microclimates and vegetation types would require a huge database. As an example, I have two Iros in different states and very different climates. One is the Sonoran desert, the other high desert plateau. One includes a lawn, one does not. One has blackberries, cherry trees, apple trees and vegetables. The other has xeriscape, citrus trees, a small lawn and a large vegetable garden. One Iro gets taken offline for the winter, the other waters year round. And that’s just one Rachio fan.

I agree with what @SMayo47 said: I don’t want the Rachio team to try to write the all-encompassing app and appreciate what Rachio does best.

That makes $0.04. :wink:


Ooops, that was a brain hiccup. I didn’t mean to include when to water in that post. Doh! I just meant to address the other lawn maintenance /reminder requests.:blush:

I agree with others. Let Rachio handle water management and you look for apps or develop your own landscape management calendar based on extension, water agency or gardening magazines. Rachio has quite a lot of competition these days. It’s the best residential product out there, but buyers can get easily confused.

“Alexa, tell me some Rachio lawn care tips.”