Rachio is offline due to WiFi issues though it still watered my lawn?

I do not get internet to the location of one of my Rachio units so I had to get a Powerline to get internet to it. Everything was working great until somehow the Powerline stopped working and I can not figure out how to fix it, so the sprinklers stopped working a couple weeks ago and I have had to water the lawn myself while trying to figure out what to do.

This morning there was water on the pavement in the areas around my lawn that look exactly the way it does when the sprinklers go off. I checked the app and the Rachio still shows as being offline.

  1. Is it possible that it is working based on the previous schedule that is loaded on it and it is actually watering the lawn now?

  2. Is there someway to manually get it working until I solve the WiFi issue so at least it waters everything?

Thank you

@RainHusk - What type of schedule is being used - Fixed or Flex, as Rachio behaves differently for each one.

Fixed - the schedule is downloaded to Rachio and it keeps running the schedule with no rain, saturation or wind skips.

Flex - after two weeks of no internet a Flex Daily schedule reverts to running every three days.

With no internet the Rachio device can’t report back to the cloud that it watered.

If a Flex schedule is being run and you want to change it to a Fixed schedule until the ethernet over powerline is fixed, then set up a hot spot, join the Rachio to it and check the schedule.

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Under Type it shows Fixed Schedule. Customized and Consistent.

Does this means it will water the lawn based on whatever schedule I set up previously before the internet went out? Does it keep doing this forever?

The interesting thing is it was not watering for a while, and all of a sudden I just noticed water on the pavement this morning.

@RainHusk is there a rain sensor hooked up? From my understanding Rachio will keep watering. It could have been the two weeks of cached weather that told Rachio not to water after it first lost internet.

I have been using the Rachio for about 3 months now. The REAL problem (I have had two new irrigation valves put in for two of my troubling stations…and it is really the wiring from the controller to the station. The culprit (!!!) damn rats who have chewed the wiring that the previous owner had set up. That being said, on my list of fixits is getting a sprinkler wiring person to crawl under the house and replace the wiring.

The other BIG problem was the power outages in my area (Sierra Foothills in El Dorado County). Power outages are pretty severe when the power comes back on. I didn’t have a surge protector (now I do) and I had to reprogram all the the system including attaching to wifi

A power outage shouldn’t cause the system to need reprogramming…it should come back online and reconnect to WIFI, and all should be well with the world…did the outage fry the a unit?

At first, I thought it had fried it. I removed it from the Nest/Google Nest app, ending up doing a full re-install on the software. The heat in the garage at the time was well over 110 degrees that day. I still have a notification every time “station 4” runs saying it’s a fault in the wiring (I even moved the wire to another slot on the console, just to troubleshoot…which it did not work. So, then I moved it back to 4, and it worked (briefly). Still getting that error code. Hand watering until I can get someone to re-wire the connections from the wall in the garage out to the front yard. Other stations in front yard work just fine.

Temps don’t seem to be an issue. I’ve had my Gen 1’s plastered on the side of my house here in AZ for over 5 years…MULTIPLE 110 degree days! :joy:

You said you have a crawlspace? Shouldn’t be too hard to pull new wire?

At my age, I don’t want to pull the wire. I’m good on wifi and technology…easy peasy. Rewiring the system (definitely rat chewing has been found), on my “bucket list” to find someone locally to do that without it costing a fortune.

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