Rachio Iro Watering Early

I am confused as to why the app states it will water on a certain day but it ends up watering a day early every time. I am running a flex schedule, am I not looking at this right? I searched to see if anyone else is having this issue but it doesn’t seem like anyone else is having this issue. Take a peek at the screen shot.

App States watering is scheduled for the 10th but just got a notification saying it will water today.



The flex calendar view is a forecast, and not necessarily an exact representation of the scheduling. We take real time weather data right up until the schedule is going to run and make the decision about an hour before. Also, zones in a flex schedule will run independently since they might be tracking to different moisture levels.

We are releasiing simpler scheduling that is the best of fixed and flex schedules. The app has been submitted to the Apple store for approval, so we should be live very soon. Hope this helps.


That works for me, but as soon as the app tells me it’s going to water why doesn’t it move the water droplet from the 10th to the 9th and also switch the will water to the day same day?

Is Android update coming also?


We run a real time weather analysis one hour before, and it could be the calendar doesn’t reflect that up to the hour data yet.

Android will be released the same day as iOS.


I use Flex as well.Mine also waters a day early. It does so every single time the schedule runs.