Rachio Iro causing garage door to open!

Ever since I installed my Rachio Iro 8 zone system, my Linear garage door opens up randomly. It will sometimes closes right back up on occasion. Has anyone seen or heard of this problem? My wires are in no way crossed and tech support was no help. I’ve had my garage door installed for 3.5 years and this has never happened. The garage door and Rachio are plugged in on the same breaker and line but not plugged in next to each other. I have installed a surge protector on the Rachio and even re-programmed the garage and Rachio. Any other thoughts other than throwing the Rachio in the trash?

That’s weird. Is it a “connected” garage door? z-wave or anything like that? If it’s just a regular old door opener, maybe try re-positioning the antenna to reduce the chance of any interference. I doubt it’s related to the shared power hook-up but you can start to eliminate things. Run an extension cord to it from another outlet and see if it stops. Try changing the position of the antenna and or extending it.

If you’re going to trash the Iro, I’ll take it off your hands and pay for shipping :smile:

I knew our firmware developer was up to no good with that last patch release :wink:

Kidding aside, I honestly can’t think of anyway this is even possible.

If you’d like email [support@rachio.com] to look at your wiring. I’m positive it’s not the Iro, could be some downstream wiring.


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I don’t see how even power delivery could cause this. Maybe if there’s a draw that’s enough to drop the voltage the garage opener freaks out? My money is on coincidence.

I already did email them photos. They didn’t have any idea how it could happen.

I’ll try the extension cord.

In an attempt to prove that is is coincidental, what model garage door do you have? I ask because most modern garage door motors use a very weak form of asymetrical key encryption to encode the device id and command, which is why the controller has to “learn” of the new remote so if you have one of these, interference is out of the question.

I would say you have a short in the wire that connects the manual switch to the motor, seeing how there a zero securities around that interface.

Or maybe the rapture is going to begin in your garage…

I don’t know sounds kinda freaky I think i would move. Lol

When you say you reprogrammed the opener, did you wipe your settings from the opener and start over? As in each remote had to be relearned?

I once had my opener going off randomly for a few weeks. I started jamming the interior sliding lock at night a safe measure. Took me a few weeks to figure it out. My opener had somehow learned my neighbors car. Each time he opened/closed from his car, mine would go up and down. At that point I did a full reset on my opener and relearned all my remotes. No issues since.

Yeah I wiped everything from the remote and reprogrammed everything. I think it might be the logic board in the garage door opener at this point. I ordered a new one as a power surge and a bad controller on the garage door opener can cause this problem too. At this point I’m leaning towards the Rachio Iro install and this problem as coincidence like someone pointed out. After I get the board installed and I run it for a few days I’ll post back on the findings. Thanks to all who replied and gave me suggestions.


Ok I replaced the control board on my garage door opener and that fixed my problem. I
guess it just turned out to be a coincidence that it started acting up at the same time i installed the Rachio.