Rachio integration for openHAB

Hi, I’m the developer of the Rachio integration for openHAB. I want to use the MyOpenHab Cloud Connector to prevent port forwarding on the router and setting up a reverse proxy. The cloud connector is transparent.

When I try to register a webhook the calls goes through but I never receive a webhook event. myopenhab.org requires basic authentication, and identifies are based on the e-mail address. Therefor a webhook url looks like https://markus12345@gmail.com:mypassword@home.myopenhab.org

Is Rachio Cloud able to handle two @ in the URL? The first one from the myopenhab e-mail address (user-id) and the 2nd to seperate the hostname.

I also tried to use %40 instead of @ (url encoding), but makes no difference

Any advise?

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Have you tried replacing the dot with %2e as well?

yup, same problem. registration goes through, but I don’t receive a webhook evenrt, because
a) Rachio doesn’t make the call
b)Mapping of credentials into the basic auth header fails

I think we need to differ “who is the client”

  • The binding submits a webhook registration providing the URL
  • Rachio Cloud parses this string, splits into credentials and URL
  • makes the http call and adds the credentials to the http header
  • myopenhab.org accepts the credentials and forwards the request to the local OH instance

In this case

  • I have to encode the webhook url properly
  • Rachio needs to support url-encoded credentials or proper parsing when 2 are included
  • myopenhab.org sees a http request with basic auth (or not)

and the magic question is: where does it break?

I could use curl with the URL and it goes through, so in general it works.