Rachio installed down-under! Crikey you little ripper!


Hello Rachio enthusiasts,

Here is a full write-up of my Rachio (gen 2) installation experience down-under:


One of the only “bad” points that I’ve found (aside from the lack of distribution channels in Australia) is the incredibly bright light on the Rachio unit itself. There are a few 3D printable covers available, but I’m wondering if this could be a future on/off option delivered via software.



Australian - use


Welcome to the community! You don’t live in Tasmania by any chance? We had another Australian looking for a personal weather station :wink:



Thanks for the welcome. Great job on the marriage between nice hardware and awesome software!

I live in Canberra, but this installation was done in Melbourne. I connected to a PWS weather station about 6 kilometres away. The family member that I installed it for prefers manual operation via the app, so wasn’t too fussed about scheduling and skipping with weather intelligence.

I use a Netatmo weather station personally, and upload weather data to PWSweather, Wunderground and Netatmo Weathermap. The Netatmo is a brilliant product, and worth considering if you wish to have accurate data within your immediate location (microclimate).

Mr Tasmania, DM me if you would like a link to what the Netatmo output looks like!



@TimeIsMoney Thanks for the feedback, yes the Netatmo is a solid station :wink: