Rachio in Loop?

My Rachio has been working flawlessly for almost a year. 2 Weeks ago it lost the internet connectivity, I set it up again and went on a travel. I thought it weird I was getting sequential messages of Rachio started, watering, completed a scheduled task then starting again.

I disabled the schedules and started running it manually. Yesterday I was finally at home and re-enabled the schedule, it happened again. My 6 minutes schedule ran 3 times before I stopped it again.

I will try again today and monitor it again. has anybody seem such bizarre behavior?

PS. For my test i am running a single station for 6 minutes. When I ran it with all my stations. from logs I see it started this loop behavior on march 11th


My initial question is do you think this is due to our smart cycle technology? It might look like it’s running or looping, but the schedule total duration is the same, it just breaks it up into smaller cycles to prevent runoff.


That is what I thought at first but I disabled smart cycle and yesterday the cycle on my 5 stations ran from 5:50 PM until 10:04 PM according to the watering history.

The schedule is set for 5 stations, 30m duration, Fixed days (Wed, Sat), Start time 10 PM, Smart Cycle off, Weather Intelligence on.

First Cycle from 5:50 to 6:18, then 6:18 to 6:20, 6:20,6:20 to 6:22, then History jumps to 9:31 to 9:33, 9:57 to 9:59, 10:01 to 10:04 (no completed status on this last one).

With smart cycle on I expected it to do a single run on each station and then stop. Even when I try to run a station manually for some minutes it stops after a few seconds.

Hi @marcelovscortez1-

Sounds like you are running into some more complex issues. I am going to open a support ticket for you so we can troubleshoot more effectively. Keep an eye out for an email from support@rachio.com.

Looking forward to getting your schedules back to working normally!

McKynzee :rachio: