Rachio in Israel

Looking to replace an old system and install Rachio for my home garden in Israel. I will be in the US and can bring it in. Anyone have recent experience with installation?

While I know I can connect it myself, I’m concerned about the adaptor (220v here), the frequency (I read that Gen 3 was problematic) and if my old valves are compatible. Any talented electrician/gardener locals out there? Any other advice?

The standard transformer that the Rachio comes with is 120V, 60Hz, 300mA input and output of 24VAC, 1A. The input does not matter so much, but obviously the output does. Other posts have mentioned concerning the output:

As long as it’s rated for at least 1A, it should be fine. Also, be sure it is 24VAC (25VAC would be OK too) not DC

Of course, you will need to check your valves or let us know brand and model. I believe most valves currently used are 24VAC.

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Most irrigation systems seem to use 24vac output so you should be able to buy a transformer which is compatible with most other makes of controller.

In fact, your existing controllers transformer may just suit perfectly