Rachio in french

I am a true French France.
I just bought with a lot of misery to make me send the Rachio case.
Before taking the time to start my new toy , I want to know if there are software adaptations for the language and the weather
Friendship has all the comunity

Sorry for my very bad English

@michaelwailly, hello and good morning! Thank you for your support and reaching out. Welcome to the Rachio community. :smile:

At this time we support settings for US Standard and Metric on the weather front, however we do not currently have the option to change the language within the app. This is on our backlog for future development.

No need to apologize. Just curious, where did you purchase the Iro from?

Best, Emil

hello emil,

I’m an addict automation materials and incorporate many in the maintenance of school institutions where I work … precisely responsible for maintenance.
The approach of “fair use” that rachio hired on sprinkler systems teases me for some time.
I could not go to wait, I managed to make send me thanks to a enchere on Ebay.

I’m interested in any information or aids to attempt a configuration.
From my side, I would not fail to inform you of my progress.


I reside in the Province of Quebec, Canada. I also speak French and understands English well enough. I noticed that when I introduced an accented character in the name of an area, the Android did not like much.

Salut Michel,
Heureux de voir que la communauté francophone s intéresse à ce produit.
Comme tu peux le voir, je suis très peu patient, si la petite boîte ne me résiste pas trop et que je n affronte pas de gros problèmes sur la configuration en France…
Je pense que si ça ne bouge pas du côté de Rachio, je ferais au moins en premier lieu une traduction de l’ interface html.
Des que je reçois mon nouveau transformateur 240vac/24vac je m attaques aux premier test.
Qu a tu rentrer en zip code au démarrage de l interface ?

Au plaisir de te lire.

Je suis également du Québec au nord de Montréal.
Je n’ai pas encore acheté mon unité et je regarde mes options. Pour mon compatriote du Québec, où as-tu acheté ton unité, est-ce Home Depot Canada.

J’ai actuellement une boite de control sans fil Orbit que j’aime bien , mais je veut migrer ce système dans ma suite domatique (Nest, wink pour le controle des lampes GE LED, Hayward pour ma piscine).

Now I switch in english, it would be normal to support multi-langages in UI in 2015 specifictly when there is an enterprise architect as I am in your team !

This is the first thing to think in the architecture if you expect to be sell outside US border and for mass market. Regardless we have a law in our province or state that specified averythings as to be in french, first, we architected any appl to be muti-langages day one and provided support on user langage set is very easy and fast.

I figure out it won’t be a big issue to get a fast delivery for this normal feature expected to provide a good user experience.

For your information, I provide suggestions to Wink and Bye me a pie team to use more appropriate word in their UI or complete their first iteration.

So, just hope you see that remark positive.
Bonne journée, have a nice day and good for you to shaked big irrigation company to force them to be more innovative, but not yet see that.


J’ai acheté l’unité chez Best Buy (en ligne).



Installation in operation!

My Iro is geolocated without problems in France and well recovered my weather parameters.

Strangely ipad application did not want my main solenoid validated by the html page I had no worries for is validated.

I have the watering canes on my network that connected her little lady can pipe to flowerpots.
I did not find function to turn on only the main valve output on which is plugged my pump, I was obliged to initiate a watering area.

For the translation or the HTML page or application, given the hand, it can greatly help you!


I also offer my support for the translation of the web application and that Android

@michaelwailly, I assumed you purchased from eBay or Amazon :slight_smile: I’m sorry we don’t have detailed support documents in French at this time, but we’re looking into it.

@michelrochette, do you know if this is also the case in iOS app?

@Flipland, all great points and things we’re looking into. Could you elaborate on the suggestions you made to Wink?

@michaelwailly & @michelrochette, thank you for the kind offers! I’ll follow up with both of you once we’re ready to have our mobile app, web app, and/or documentation prepared in other languages.

@michaelwailly, please let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with on your setup. If you email our support team [support@rachio.com], we do have a few team members that can speak and write basic French that would be happy to answer any other questions you might have.

Hope this helps :blush:

Best, Emil

Hello Emil,
I don’t yet buy it, I sold my Orbit wireless and Installed to someone yesterday.
Probably I will buy my new controler at Home Depot in near time. I allready read to docs.

Hello everyone.

I should not be saying, but I opened the application code 1.8 … after all, she is soon obsolete.
From that I can understand (I manages the Konex on windows platform so nothing to do)
It seems very simple to me to manage the only main valve (eg in my case my valves to power of arosage manual) or use this output as an extra track.

A big part of xcode has strangely resembles that of the old version of the application “NEST” although it had the management of the property safe multilanguage .After, provide the words “French” or “” deutch "etc.
but I think we comunity we can help you.

My case is functional, I do not yet switch all of my systemes.Je think take care of it during my next vacation.

I just got my brand new Rachio from Apple Canada, yee… I did my installation and everything is working. I have to fine tune all my zones with advance features.

Also, I have to decide if it’s better to use my wireless rain detecter (Orbit) or web weather station. At this point, I don’t yet install it and I know now my unit is using a weather station at 1.2km from my house.
Any advice !

I have the same issue on my IPad and IPhone. The appl accept accented char but at the final, the app don’t save it anyway. I found that at the end of my config and I was thinking about the case you don’t yet support multi-langage set.

Now about Wink, I had an issue 1-2 month ago after Wink updated is appl after they had a big issue on their hub and I was not able to use it for close to 2 months… After I received my hub repaired and because after 2 month of downtime , I was very confused on the appl. All of my device seems to have IP adress name and port number but I was not sure it was like that before. So I called them and it took 3-4 calls, 2-3 hours on the phone and emails exchange to understand what’s going on. Plus, all the process to reset password doesn’t work at all for me.
I noticed they were scepticism about my problem and of course my french accent don’t help.
So finally they find out the problem, the table to support multi-langage was not set properly and probably I was the first one to notified that because I’m not sure their is a lot of client using the french version. So that’s the way I found out they rendered the display depending on language set on the device (usual way). In their case, they don’t set everything in multi-language and they sometimes use in the same web page, english and french terms. I pin point many of them and proposed to use better term that could be understand not only from France. At the same time, the support team made a contact with one person in their coming from France to provide better support in french.

In your case, you should take this approch, and as other one, I can give you some help on that.

As I said to Wink team, it would be better to handle divice type , like on tablet Vs phone, the rendering is not so good. Don’t worry your are not the only one.
So merçi … thank’s

Salut Philippe,

Je pense qu’ils utilisent tout simplement une application tiers pour traduire leurs info contenu dans leur cloud.
Tu peux le faire de la même manière qu’eux en ouvrant l’application web de ton Iro sur Google Chrome ensuite clic droit , traduire en français.

Nest quand a lui utilise vraiment le support multilingue et a donc son dictionnaire intégré pour chaque langue.


Salut Michael,
Lorsque tu parles de Ils, est-ce Wink . Je ne suis pas certain sur cet aspet en raison du comportement de l’appl et que plusieurs zones sont complètement en anglais actuellement…
Bonne journée.
Tu es de quelle région sans indiscrétion.

quand je parle de “ils” je parle des programmeurs en général.Je ne connais pas l appli wink.
Je suis de Montpellier (sud de la France).

Ah dac. Par contre, au Québec en raison de la lois sur langue, je dirais que depuis 10 ans, cet aspect est une exigence minimale, car il faut desservir la clientèle franco en premier lieu tout en n’oubliant pas la clientèle anglo. Donc, le multilingue est pris en charge à J1. Par contre, cette pratique n’est pas commune aux USA à moins d’avoir dès le départ une vision mondiale. Une observation perso, souvant un produit est disponible aux USA, puis finalement au Canada après un laps de plusieurs mois, c’est pénible lorsque tu es curieux et tu désires le produit, alors tu importes mais des notions propres au Canada comme le code postal versus le Zip code peut rendre le produit carrément non utilisable.
À la prochaine

@michaelwailly, sneaky! We’ve had this request from a few other users and the Product Team will be reviewing all feature requests after the launch of 2.0 for future prioritization. We’ll keep you posted on this feature. If you haven’t yet, please search the community and comment on (+1) other user’s posts in regards to this request.

Very interesting @michaelwailly and @Flipland! I’ll share this feedback with the dev team. As we grow internationally, supporting multi-languages will be very important. I guess I should start my Rosetta Stone classes :wink:

@Flipland, how do you like the Wink app?

As for the conversations in French, I’d comment but my high school french was very limited. Chao!

Emil thank you for your answers.

Unfortunately I think my English is too limited as well and I can not make myself understood.

For the Master Valve which becomes a 9-way I think it made sense.

My personal problem is not that one!
My Master Valve output feeds my lift pump. When I turn on a watering zone that the pump starts up so no problems.
For cons, I have mouths watering for my wife to watering flowerpots with a hose. I want my wife to click on the application to power the Master Valve, so the pump, so get water to water 
This function does not exist in the application so I am obliged to initiate a path that I have not yet wired for now !!!