Rachio IFTTT Triggers - not able to select specific zones or schedules

New user here. I’m just looking at the possibilities using the IFTTT app to set up some actions when certain zones and or schedules are running. However, when selecting a zone start or schedule start in the Event registered area, it will not allow me to select a specific zone or schedule.
Any tips?

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Those are “generic” events and you can not select a zone or schedule for them.

Hope this helps.


Thanks franz!
Is this something that could be expanded in a future update to the Rachio IFTTT service? Currently, specific zones can be picked in the actions portion of applet creation.

No current plans but I’ll provide this feedback to the product team.


I know I’m late to this conversation, but I’d like to add support for this request. I’d like to setup detailed logging in a Google spreadsheet for when each zone starts and stops. Right now I can only see that a zone has started or stopped, which is only partially helpful. Even if you could just add an ingredient to the existing “event registered” trigger for “Zone number”, that would be very helpful. Thanks!