Rachio has a mind of its own

Starting today, my Rachio gen2 has begun watering with a really long watering schedule on it’s own. I have a 5 zone setup, set to run at 5a every other day, for a total duration of ~3hrs. This morning at 5a it kicked off (1 schedule only) an was set to run for 1677min. Thankfully I saw the message on my iphone and killed the session after 2hrs of runtime. I then checked the schedule and confirmed it was set for ~3hrs, and it was fine. I noticed the interval had changed randomly to every 17days, which i set back to every 2 days. I then manually ran the one schedule and let it finish, which completed in the 3ish hrs. All good I thought, just a random hiccup. But about 5min ago, I got a message that it kicked off again, this time set for 1275min. I killed the session again, but think something is wrong. Need help, never had this issue before. Searched the forums and KB, and nothing helpful found. Appreciate anyone else with similar issues and insight.

@gigem94 - probably a setting got changed. Post your settings - first guess what is the root zone depth?

@gigem94 I reviewed your schedules. At 1:42 pm yesterday CDT there was an update from iOS to the schedule that set the interval to 17. Since seasonal shift is on this caused the durations to increase by a factor of 17/2 = 8.5 (17 new interval, 2 is the old interval). After the new long (1677 min) schedule was stopped, there was an update to the schedule at 7:25 am CDT that returned the schedule back to 2 day interval and recalculated the duration to 243 minutes total. This rebuilt the calendar and all future runs got changed to new durations but current runs do not get modified upon schedule setting updates. When the new shorter schedule got started manually, the previous stop to long running schedule was overridden and the current long schedule run resumed after manual run completed. This is obviously not an ideal experience and we are going to review the way stops/manual schedules interact with scheduled calendar.

Thanks for the reply. It guess is possible that I inadvertently changed the interval to 17 as I was performing some quick runs to one zone so I adjust one of my nozzles around that time you mentioned, and I jammed the phone in my pocket a few times as as I made nozzle adjustments. I just never would’ve thought that changing interval would impact run times as I would’ve expected seasonal shift to apply a % increase or decrease based on historical temp and precip rates rather than interval quantity.

I’m not sure that it explains the random 1275min kickoff later this morning too, but I’m guessing somehow it’s related to the shifting back and forth.

That said, can you confirm for me that I don’t need to do anything at this point and can expect the traditional 3hr run I’m used to?

Appreciate the reply.

It does a percent adjustment based on the season change as you would expect, but it uses your schedule intervals to determine recommended durations for the month. Because 30 minutes twice a week is different that 30 minutes twice a month. It takes into consideration the percentage you adjusted the original duration, and will maintain it throughout the year.

This was due to the old schedule run was still on device and wasn’t over at the time your manual run finished, as I mentioned we are going to review the way device handles this particular scenario.

It is at 243 minutes total for your next irrigations in June and 247 minutes for July.
Please let us know if you have anymore questions.

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