Rachio goes offfline/loses power

Totally agree with your comments. No longer just coincidental.

This particular failure has become more than just a coincidence. My original problem I posted to this thread last year (May '23) was a combination of wifi connection stability and power failure. I managed to correct the wifi connection stability and even the power failure was good for about 9 months. Now in the last month mine has randomly shut off roughly once per week. Solution is the same as described above by each of us…unplug and plug back in and it works just fine…until it decides to shut down again next day/week/month.

Would really appreciate hearing from Rachio on this issue in this thread and something other than ‘buy a new controller’.

I almost got a week, was hoping maybe it worked itself out, but offline again today.

Unfortunatly due to the age of my timer it seems my only recourse is to buy a new one, and fair is fair should the hardware have died a natural death and its out of warranty.

But this just seemed too specific and the timing too small to affect multiple people to be a random hardware failure, and if something was broken becuase of bad firmware, bad design, etc that should not fall on the customer even if its out of warranty.

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I’m in the same boat. Mine is out of warranty too and to your point fair is fair, but I’m also certain that the dumb controller I replaced was close to 20 years old and working fine except that it was dumb and difficult to manage. How many customers must this failure impact before Rachio will own up or at least show some interest?

While I wouldn’t discount those of you having this issue (I feel for you when things fail), you have to realize that the few in here represent a TINY subset of the controllers sold by Rachio, so to say that this is a wide spread issue is a bit presumptuous. Even if there are 100 people in here with the exact same issue, that is miniscule compared to the tens of thousands of controllers out in the world. Also, this is a community page, and while Rachio team members poke in from time to time, they don’t necessarily monitor all the posts.

Maybe @franz or someone can put some statistics out there.

Having the same issues as everyone here. Decided to replace the power adapter and lo and behold that was it. It’s been on for a week without any issues.

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We have the same issue as well. Very frustrated that we are out of warranty and out of a sprinkler controller.