Rachio Generation 1 keeps going offline

Hi, I have never had a problem with the rachio until now. Over the winter i switched my router to a Netgear Orbi, i tried to connect it but since it is a dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz), i found out that it doesnt work. I went back to my regular router and now it keeps going offline. It will stay online for a few hours and then go right offline. If i unplug it, it automatically connects to the wifi again. Does anyone have a solution for this. Thanks

@Pisano772 I had the engineering team review your controller and it does look online. I think we might have a gen 1 defect in some cases we are not getting an active ping from the controller and we think it is offline but it really isn’t. I will have the engineering team do more research and hopefully we can resolve this next week.


yeah, somehow right after i posted this it went back online haha. Hopefully it stays like that now. Thanks

We released software today to fix this behavior. The controller isn’t actually falling offline, it just isn’t reporting back to our cloud software to let us know it is still online. If after today you are still experiencing this issue please let us know.


I’m having a similar issue–just in the last week. My Rachio 3 keeps going offline. It did it three times yesterday and has jumped offline again today. Any idea why this is occurring and how to fix?