Rachio Gen3 stopped recognizing Zones

Hi all - My Gen 3 rachio has grouped all 8 of my zones into 2 zones. When I enter the Zone setting 7 of the 8 zones are showing under the title of one of the Schedules I had set. I cannot access the individual zones and the system seems to be watering them at random times. The system had worked well since I purchased in May of 2020, the error began on 8/27/2020. No changes to wiring have been made.

Any ideas? At this point I have no control and the system is functionally useless.

I am not having that issue. Are you using Android or iOS? I am on Android and notice that my Rachio app updated on 25Aug2020. Maybe it is a coincidence being within a couple of days of your issues starting. Have you tried from the web Interface?

Hi. I have connected via Android, iPhone and through the website.