Rachio GEN2 help on wiring (switching from Hunter SRC plus w/ Irritrol Wireless rain sensor)

Hi, I am not new to rachio, however in new residence, we have src plus hooked up. I was able to map all wires including 4 from irritrol wireless sensors however, there are 3 wires (from main wiring) which i’m trying to figure out where to connect to on Rachio GEN12 16 unit.

Pictures attached for reference.

There are 3 wires from main wiring which I need help in mapping.

2 White wires which are currently hooked to “RS” terminal (right of R terminal). The wire are labeled as S3 & S4.

1 Blue wire which is currently hooked to “R” terminal. The wire is labaled as R.

@gen2user - The Hunter R terminal is used for their remote control device. Typically it has a blue, red and white wires, with the red and white going to power. So I’m wondering if the red wire on the RS and the white wire on the C are paired with the Hunter remote control receiver as they are the same type (aluminum stranded) and size wire. If so, they don’t need to be connected to your Rachio as the app handles the remote functions.

As far as the two white wires (solid copper) in the RS port, do you have access to a multi-meter to test resistivity (i.e. see if there is a circuit between a white wire and one of the zones)? I’m wondering if they are additional common wires? Can you find a valve box in the field to see if the white wires are out in the yard?