Rachio Gen 3 won't power on after installing new zones

Hi All,

I have had the Rachio Gen 3, 16 zone for 3 months. It has been working like a charm with no difficulty on start-up. Today I turned off the breaker, opened it up and added 3 new zones. When I closed it up, plugged everything in and flipped the breaker back on it does not power on. I have verified that the plug in the outdoor box has electricity (powered something else with it). I don’t have a working multimeter to test the power adapter. Has anyone else run into this problem? Did I just have a short circuit?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Did you ever get a reply to your “no power” problem?
I also lost power to my controller. I’ve ensured that the outlet is “hot”, but there is no power. I also have a rain sensor attached (which also gets its power from the controller), but it also is without power.
I have sent Rachio 2 emails asking for help but I’ve heard nothing from them.


@jebgg - is a volt meter accessible to test the voltage coming out of the adapter? Should be 24 VAC.

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Yes, checked with voltmeter, 24 VAC

When I verified 24 v ac out of the adapter the tech support folks sent out a new one and I sneak my previous unit back. No 0roblems after that. Must have been a surge from the adapter the fried the unit. Try calling instead of the email support.

Good luck