Rachio Gen 3 watered - But no history


So last night, it appears that my Rachio gen 3 watered some of my lawn. This was supposed to happen, and the watering event is not the issue.

The problem is that no update was made to the use history, so the Rachio now thinks all of my lawn is at 0%, which isn’t the case. So I expect it to try and water back to 100% over the coming days, even though there are parts of my lawn that are not anywhere near 0% (0% depletion, not actually 0%, I understand that part).

My IFTTT that updates a google sheet also shows no history of usage.

But I know it ran, I can see the water on the lawn/driveway/fence/etc that is indicative of a watering event.

Any ideas on how to recover the history of the watering event?



You can take a look at some of the other " zero" threads here. Rachio has a data problem, it started Wed afternoon, they are working it.

For now I plan to manually skip my flex daily schedule unless I think it’s needed.

Ah ok. I found this thread that appears to be the main thread discussing the issue (which you started, ha ha): All my flex zones suddenly are at zerp