Rachio Gen 3 Hardware release, Homekit Support For Gen 2 still Coming?


You must have known for months you wouldn’t make gen 2 HomeKit compatible. Why not just be brutally clear early on? Maybe because there is new hardware you want sell?


Agreed-my understanding was that gen 2 would eventually support HomeKit. A trade in program seems like a fair solution given the communities understanding of future gen 2 support.


Yes, I am not happy with this. I bought the Rachio last year because I was told by your staff that Rachio is working to make homekit happen for the device I purchased. $30 off is a terrible compromise.


Wow… just sell to a friend or on Ebay??? Not very professional.


Hi @Potato, @control4reak, @Marainwater, & @Fsimon

We’re sincerely so sorry for the disappointment here. When we launched the Generation 2 in 2016, we had every intention of having HomeKit compatibility on it when the irrigation profile was released, however we never made promises (or were able to make promises) that HomeKit would be available on the Generation 2.

Our engineering team tried incredibly hard for a very long time - up until very recently - to make HomeKit compatible on the Generation 2, but we found that no matter what we did, the Generation 2 did not have nearly enough memory to make the integration work.

We have not been able to publicly announce any HomeKit news until today, which is why we weren’t able to let everyone know ahead of time.

We’re bummed to hear that you’re not interested in the current promotion, but if you reconsider, the offer code is available until October 7.

We promise that we did everything we could to make the HomeKit and Generation 2 integration possible, but ultimately, it was physically impossible to complete, and we do apologize for that.

Lo :rachio:


Stop posting this complete nonsense. A $30 discount is a joke.
What is it like 50 employees at rachio? And you people thought it was a good idea to alienate all the gen 2 owners?

This isnt a cellphone that we should be upgrading every year or so. This should be a one time purchase.

Your engineers are such horrible engineers that they cant even figure out a way to offer a memory upgrade (as you claim is needed) at the very least for gen 2 owners.

I am definitely posting my gen 2 on ebay as you horribly suggested and changing companies.


Thank you Laura. Your posts have been the deciding factor in all of this. More lies and BS from this company. I am happy to say goodbye and not give this company another dime.


I’m very sorry for the disappointment, @potato. While I completely understand your frustration, our community promotes healthy and constructive conversation - please continue to keep this conversation going in that direction.

We hate to see you leave the Rachio family, but understand if this situation is not ideal for your current setup.


You have to be the worst customer support person i have ever encountered. You keel trying to ignore the issue and deflect with no actual resolution


I am very upset about this and feel entirely mislead. I would have never purchased the Gen 2 model as HomeKit support is a must have

Please offer a trade in program, it is probably the best damage control this company can do at this point


You allow us to send back units if they have a little scratch on them - a trade in and allowing us to pay the difference in value is something this company can handle logistically and monetarily


Bud, this is unacceptable. Gen 2 owners should be offered a free upgrade. This is going to be a major turning point in your company and not for the better.


How do I use the discount if you are not shipping to Europe? I bought my Gen 2 two month ago when ordering other stuff from a US sprinkler store.


Hey @Arto!

Unfortunately the discount is only available in North America, but you can purchase the Rachio 3 on Amazon.


Hey @steve82! I’m so sorry for the frustration. You might still be able to return your controller for a full refund to get the Rachio 3, if you’d like - feel free to try at rachio.returnly.com!
Lo :rachio:


Shoot! I’m so sorry about that. Did you order it through rachio.com or an independent retailer?


Great! Thank you. I would double check with Amazon to see if a return is possible :slight_smile:


Shoot! I was hoping that would be the answer. I’m so sorry for the frustration with this, Steve. We really did try to make HomeKit work with the Generation 2. Would one of your neighbors or your parents be interested in buying it off of you?


I completely understand your frustration! The technology in the Generation 2 is just as good as the Rachio 3, and it is still fully supported by Rachio, we were simply just unable to fit the size of HomeKit compatibility on to the Generation 2.


I’m so sorry you feel this way. We agree, HomeKit is an awesome addition and we were SO upset that we weren’t able to make it work for the Generation 2.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to do any refunds or returns from Amazon - but I would encourage you to reach out to them directly to see if it might be an option despite their normal return policy.

If you don’t have any luck with Amazon, reach out to our support team to see if there’s anything else they can do!