Rachio Gen 3 Google Home Commands (vs. Apple HomeKit)

Hello. Yesterday (June 28) I became the proud owner of the Gen 3 controller… replacing a 15-year old generic sprinkler control/timer. I was able to get the Apple Homekit integration set up and working, so I can now say “Hey Siri, water the Back Yard for 1 minute.” and it will respond accordingly. HOWEVER - I’ve not been successful doing the same with Google Home. (My preferred platform for voice control.). In looking over the various marketing videos and aligning them with threads I’ve found in the forum, it appears Rachio just recently changed to a more direct control approach… allowing me to say “OK Google, water the lawn”, “OK Google, stop watering” and “OK Google, water the [zone name]”. Unfortunately, I only have success with the 1st 2 commands… I’m NOT been able to get Google to only water 1 specific zone. (the 3rd option listed.). When I look in Apple HomeKit, I can see all the zones by clicking on the controller, however I can ONLY see the controller itself in Google Home. Have I set this up incorrectly in Google Home or perhaps is Rachio still working out a few kinks?