Rachio Gen 3 Eero Pro

Hi everyone,

I have seen this question asked in here already, but I cant seem to find an answer that works for me and most of the questions for this seem to be pretty old. I have just reached out to support as well, but I thought I would throw this out to the community as well.

I just got my Rachio 3 in the mail. My wifi setup is an Eero Pro with 3 regular Eero’s to extend the network. My home is only 1300 sq ft, and there is a router with full signal sitting next to the Rachio.

I plugged all my wires in, plugged in the rachio, and started the setup process. It connects to the wifi as I can see it in my Eero app. So it sees it, but then it gets to the 4th light and just keeps blinking, and then I get the message on my phone that says “An unexpected error occurred. Try again.” in the “Accessory Setup” screen.

In looking at other posts about this, I have made sure that my phone is connected to the same wifi, I have restarted the router and the rachio and tried again, I have made sure my Eero system is not on HomeKit(which I would like it to be but tried to take it off for this). The other solutions are beyond me.

If anyone out there can help me out that would be amazing. I have been really excited to install this and get it up and running and I am a bit disappointed.

Thanks a ton!