Rachio Gen 3 and Davis VP2 PWS

Hi there! I’m considering a Rachio Gen 3. I also have a Davis Vantage Pro 2 PWS which has a rain gauge. My PWS is tied to Weather Underground (with my own station ID) that I can access anywhere. Can the Rachio and my Davis PWS be linked?

I live in northern Nevada, therefore live in a micro climate and get the rain shadow effect quite often. The Weather Channel will say rain but where I live, 99% of the time it’s false.



Yes, any Gen 3 version directly supports Weather Underground. By default Rachio will try to choose the best station near you, but you can switch to a specific station (such as yours) after the initial setup is complete.

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Thank you Gene. Exactly what I wanted to hear. So, on the following scenario, if I am on a scheduled watering day and my PWS picks up X amount of rain, Rachio will in turn, not water and let Mother Nature do her thing.


To make the most out of your PWS (and rain data), you would probably need to go with Flex Daily schedule (which can be limited on certain days of the week in case your community requires that). With the flex daily, Rachio will start tracking the moisture level within your zones, measured rain will be recorded the same way as a scheduled watering would be.

You can click on the photo for a full view. Note different rows, one is tracking the rain (Precipitation) the other is tracking the added water via Irrigation. Additional watering would be triggered when soil moisture is depleted and not enough rain is foretasted in the near future.

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Yes, our community has certain days that we can water. In my case. 3 days a week. In any rate, it would appear a Gen 3 is in my future. Thanks for the help!



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