Rachio Gen 3 - 1st LED flashing white then red - bootup error

I have a Gen 3 Rachio 16 zone that suddenly dropped off my network. When I went to troubleshoot it, it rebooted and now I’m stuck on a 1st quadrant flashing white LED with a periodic red LED.

This is a replacement unit. We did have a power outage yesterday, but it seemed to have no issues.

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This may help:

This did not work. I have seen lots of tickets arond the same topic. Is this a known problem with no solution?

I’m having the same issue, 10 times white followed by 1 red. Tried all, unplug power with stop button, factory reboot, followed the Wifi instructions etc. Contacted support group, will keep you updated on outcome.

…received prompt feedback from support group. They are sending me a new controller incl. return label for the old one. FYI, bought Rachio Gen3 April 5th this year. Wondering what the issue is and I’m trying to follow up with the support team to find out why this happen to so many others as well. It looks like it that this is an ongoing issue and I hope they will solve soon.

Did you receive further information regarding this issue?

No…they just replaced it no questions asked. Ever since I’ve put it on a UPS, I have had no issues. I doesn’t seem to handle brownouts or blackouts well. I have a whole house generator and there is a 15 second lag for the power out until it is restored. Not sure if it is very sensitive or what. All my other sensitive electronics are on in wall surge suppressors, so they’re protected.