Rachio Gen 1 won't connect to wifi

Hi all.

I’ve had this up and running for approx two years with no major problems.

But now it’s not connecting to the internet. The modem hasn’t moved, changed settings, and I’m currently writing on a laptop connected via wifi.

The wifi light is flashing red, one long flash followed by three short flashes. Which I think means trying to connect to wifi. I power cycled it, didn’t connect, then ran the flash up process again, still the same error.

Can a gen 1 be hard reset/restored to defaults?

I’m out of ideas with it.

@Columnmn - I presume you’ve seen this support article -> https://support.rachio.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010542648-Updating-Your-WiFi-Network-Generation-1-

Are both 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi networks available from the modem/router? Is so, does the 5 GHz network have a different SSID (network name)?

Restarted the internet modem and router?

I might log a call into Rachio support for their assistance.

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I didn’t get the email notification of the reply. Weird.

The 5ghz is turned off on my modem, not any use for it. And I reset everything.

I’ll bug the rachio support.


I’m having the same issue.

Rachio controller does not even scan my or my neighbor’s networks.

I’m waiting on Rachio Support to give me more suggestions. All the suggestions so far have not helped.

Did you ever get your Rachio Gen 1 to connect?

@SCGirl - can you describe your network setup?

As you have a Gen 1 I presume it was working at one time?

Has anything changed?

What light codes are showing?

Have you run the RouteThis app?

My network router changed.

Went to dual (2.4 & 5Mhz).

I have my iPhone on the 2.4 and am trying to connect the Rachio controller to 2.4 as well.

The password to my WiFi changed. I’ve done the BlinkUp many times.

When I power cycle the device I get flashing red light. When I enter my new password and go through the BlinkUp it doesn’t light up at all.

It does not see my network or any other networks in the neighborhood.

I even brought the front of the device into the same room as the network router.

I’ve never heard of RouteThis app. Will give that a try.


I downloaded the RouteThis app, but it is asking me for a 4 digit code; which I don’t have

Hey @SCGirl, if you have the latest Rachio V3 app, you can run a scan through the help center (? button -> Run Wi-Fi Scan). Otherwise the 4 digit code is RACH if you want to use the route this app. Let us know once you get a scan finished and I’ll look into this

Hi @lucasc,

I have the V3 app and have run the scan though the help center, but it did not find any networks.

I just used the RouteThis app and the key is WGMA437Z

Thanks @SCGirl, the scan didn’t indicate any wifi network issues, although the scan did not fully complete. Can you send our support team a message (support@rachio.com)? They will get you all set up