Rachio Gen 1 Randomly Quit - Won't deploy heads

Been using my Rachio gen 1 for a good bit. It runs 3 zones in the backyard. All was good until a week ago. It won’t open the valves enough the deploy the 4" pop up heads. They only pop up about 1/2" and basically puddle.

It’s not a valve issues since it happened across all 3 simultaneously. Nothing in the system has changed in months. No digging around the property…nada.

It’s not a cut wire either as all 3 valves are partially opening in the same manner.


Have you had any plumbing work done that may have needed to turn the water meter off?

Are your double check valves open all the way?

Do you have a master valve?

Welcome to the neighborhood!

You won’t believe this but somehow my German shepherd puppy hit the water valve but it didn’t appear partially closed