Rachio Gen 1 Offline

I just upgraded to a Rachio Gen 3, so I decided to reset my Gen 1 and give it to a family member.

I just installed the gen 1 at their house today and went thru install. Connected to their WiFi using BlinkUp and it showed successful and the WiFi light will flicker green on the Gen 1, but showing offline in the app.

Tried multiple times to reprogram the wifi settings, and even tried the RouteThis app and it couldn’t detect any issues with their WiFi setup (Nighthawk Mesh router) with multiple smart home devices connected.

Unsure of what the issue could be, but the device worked without issues at my house on a similar wifi setup for years.

What can be done?

Update (May 2), I just went back to the family member’s house and the controller was now showing connected and online. Not sure how long it took, but after a few days, it’s now working.