Rachio Gen 1 keeps getting disconnected

Hi My Rachio keeps going offline, I have to reset it daily. It was working fine the past two years, not I have to go and unplug/plug if every time for it to recognize the WiFi. This is getting to be a hassle.

Has anything changed with your wifi? New router or anything? What kind of wireless signal do you get on your phone when standing next to the Rachio unit? What generation Rachio do you have?

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@Vlad06 Looks like you are on a Gen1. We are releasing software today for those units that should make them not have that behavior. The controller isn’t actually falling offline, it just isn’t reporting back to our cloud software to let us know it is still online. If after today you are still experiencing this issue please let us know.

Thanks and have a great season!


Well there you go…

@franz, I have 2 Gen1’s and haven’t had any issues with either of mine going “offline”.

Really appreciate it will let you know.

I have had and am still having this issue with my Gen 1 controller. It mostly has happened within the past few months. I have had it for several years without a disconnect and now it’s very often after a reboot. Nothing has changed network or location wise.

After a reboot? Are you rebooting it often for some reason?

Can you PM me the email that you use for that account?


I am rebooting it only to get it to reconnect to my wireless network.

I believe we just identified firmware where we could lose sending the heartbeat back to the Rachio cloud, essentially having the controller showing as offline. We are pushing a fix for this tonight. If you continue to experience this after today please let us know.


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Thank you! So far the results are good. It is showing online and I did not perform a reboot.

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