Rachio Gen 1 Connected to WiFi but offline


I installed a used Rachio Gen 1 and got it all connected, however, the app says that it is Offline. I am connected to my WiFi network and can confirm that in my routers attached device list by matching up the MAC Addresses. Did I miss a step or does something have to happen on the server side?

Thanks in advance


If it was used, the unit might need to be reset by the Rachio crew. You’ll need to get the serial number off the unit. @rachiosupport can help you out.

Maybe. But I would think that if that were the case, I wouldn’t be able to activate the controller, but it did successfully activate.

Good point.

What wireless router/access point do you have? Rachio needs to be on the 2.4ghz band. Make sure your router isn’t trying to throw it on the 5ghz.

I have a mesh network, but confirmed that it is connected using the 2.4GHZ band on my attached device list

@MrAudit I had the engineering team review your account and you should be good to go. It looks like during the blinkup process the controller was orphaned from our system.


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Thanks! It’s online now.


Since it’s winter time I haven’t been keeping a close eye on my Rachio, but it keeps going offline every 24 hours or so. If I power cycle the unit it will come back online, but sure enough the next day at some point it goes offline again. Any advice? My unit is in the same room as my router so Wifi signal couldn’t be stronger.

Have you performed any WiFi updates? I had the team review and it looks like its online again (standby mode). If you experience this again please let us know and we can look further into this issue.


Hi it went offline again last night perhaps you can check. I haven’t changed anything in my network.


Just a bump to see if the team can find out anything new. Going to restart it again.

I’ve PMed you with more details.